Hodi’s Office

Phone & Fax:
(970) 472-2034

Hodi’s Specs

Stage dimensions:

2’ 7″ off of dance floor

20’ deep/ 20’ wide

7’10″ clearance due to 2’ support beam that runs center stage, front to back

8’10″ clearance on either side of beam


40 Channel Crest Audio HP Eight. 8 bus/10 aux

DBX 2231 EQ/Limiter

Presonus ACP 88.  8 Channel Compressor/Gate

Presonus ACP 22.  2 Channel Compressor/Gate

DBX 1046 4 Channel Compressor

Audio Logic 4 Channel Noise Gate


Yamaha SPX 90 Reverb Unit

Lexicon MPX 500 24-Bit Dual Channel Processor

FOH Speakers:

Two 15″ and a Horn Dowlen Sound designed horn loaded cabinets per side

McCauley 6000 Series Speakers in each cabinet

4-2000w dual 18″ EV Sub cabinets under stage

1 dual 12″ and a horn Center fill

FOH Amplifiers:

QSC MX 3000a-Highs

QSC MX 3000a-Mids

Crest Audio 9001-Subs

Ashly FET-500 Series, Center Fill Highs

Ashly MFA-8000 Series, Center Fill Mids


Behringer X32 – 40 input channel, 16 aux sends

5 Dowlen Sound made Bi Amped cabinets 15″ speaker/ 2″Horn

2 Dowlen Sound made Bi Amped cabinets Dual 12” speakers/ 2” Horn

Drum Wedge=1 Dual 15″ sub and 12″ speaker/2″Horn for top

DBX 2231 EQ’s for all mixes

Ashly FET-1500m Series, Mixes 1 &2 Hi’s

Ashly FET-1500m Series, Mixes 3 &4 Hi’s

Ashly MFA-8000 Series, Mixes 1&2 Mids

Ashly MFA-8000 Series, Mixes 3&4 Mids

QSC MX 1500, Drum Wedge Sub

QSC MX 2000, Drum Wedge Highs

QSC MX 2000, Drum Wedge Mids

Ashly FTX-2001 Series, Mixes 6&7 Highs

Ashly FET-500 Series, Mix 8 & Center Fill Highs

Ashly MFA-8000 Series, Mixes 6&7 Mids

Ashly MFA-8000 Series, Mix 8 & Center Fill Mids


1 Shure Beta 52 Kick Drum Mic

1 Sennheiser  602 Kick Drum/ Bass Mic

4 Audix D2 Tom Mics

1 Sennheiser e604 Tom Mic

1 Shure SM 81 Condenser

1 Shure PG 81 Condenser

2 AKG 220 LD Condensers

5 Shure SM 57’s

8 Shure SM 58’s

2 EV 257A Cardioid Mics

Direct Boxes:

1 Behringer Active Ultra-DI Box

1 Countryman active DI

1 DB-4 quad direct box= 4 passive DI’s

6 Live Wire passive DI’s


Chauvet Colordash Quad par lights. 4 upstage, 2 high side

4 Chauvet Hex – 6-color par lights downstage

Irradiant IR-CL-DMX-STAGE-16, 16CH Dimmer Console

4 TrackSpot(Lightwave Research) Intelligent Lights located in each corner of stage

Lightwave Research Universal controller console

Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2 Professional 2-CH DMX Hazer

1 Disco Ball, center dance floor.

6 – Chauvet Colordash Quad 7’s, 4 upstage and 2 on either high side
4 – Chauvet Hex 7 downstage


4 dedicated 20 amp circuits onstage for additional lighting

2 dedicated 20 amp circuits onstage for audio power, IEM racks, etc.

Backline power in each corner of the stage, upstage center, and downstage center.