Hodi’s Office

Phone & Fax:
(970) 472-2034


(see below FAQ for stage & equipment specs)

Q – “What is Hodi’s physical address?”
A – “We are located at:
167 N. College Ave.
Fort Collins, CO. 80524
-We are just a few stores South of the South West corner of LaPorte St. & College Ave.

Q – “Just because tickets are not available online, does that mean the event is sold out”
A – “No, it just means that presale has ended. Most likely there will be tickets at the door. Get there EARLY (when doors open) to make sure you get yours if you missed out on presale.”

Q – “Where can I go other then online to purchase tickets?”
A – “We have 2 physical ticket outlets”:
1. Rock N’ Robins. 804 S. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO. 80524 Phone: 970-221-9977
2. Katalist Konsepts Tattoo Studio. 218 Linden Street, Fort Collins, CO. 80524 Phone: 970-472-1675

Q – “if I’m under 21 can I still come see a concert at Hodi’s?”
A – “Yes! Hodi’s is an all ages venue! If you’re under 21 you just have to pay an extra $5 to get in (Mondays are 21+)”

Q – “When do the doors open?”
A – “At 8 o’clock unless stated otherwise on website”

Q – “When does music usually start?”
A – “Doors are at 8pm and music usually starts between 9 and 10″

Q – “Is there a opener to the show?”
A – “Usually the opener’s name will be on our websites event listings.”

Q – “Do you have a lost & found? Will you look through it to see if you have my lost item?”
A – “Yes. Please do not call us to ask if we have your lost item. Do to the overwhelming size of our lost and found we are not able to search through it for every individual caller that lost or left an item behind the night, week, or month before last.  You’re welcome to come search through our lost and found any night we’re open between the hours of 8pm and 10pm.  ”


Hodi’s Specs

Stage dimensions:

2’ 7″ off of dance floor

20’ deep/ 20’ wide

7’10″ clearance due to 2’ support beam that runs center stage, front to back

8’10″ clearance on either side of beam


40 Channel Crest Audio HP Eight. 8 bus/10 aux

DBX 2231 EQ/Limiter

Presonus ACP 88.  8 Channel Compressor/Gate

Presonus ACP 22.  2 Channel Compressor/Gate

DBX 1046 4 Channel Compressor

Audio Logic 4 Channel Noise Gate


Yamaha SPX 90 Reverb Unit

Lexicon MPX 500 24-Bit Dual Channel Processor

FOH Speakers:

Two 15″ and a Horn Dowlen Sound designed horn loaded cabinets per side

McCauley 6000 Series Speakers in each cabinet

4-2000w dual 18″ EV Sub cabinets under stage

1 dual 12″ and a horn Center fill

FOH Amplifiers:

QSC MX 3000a-Highs

QSC MX 3000a-Mids

Crest Audio 9001-Subs

Ashly FET-500 Series, Center Fill Highs

Ashly MFA-8000 Series, Center Fill Mids


Behringer X32 – 40 input channel, 16 aux sends

5 Dowlen Sound made Bi Amped cabinets 15″ speaker/ 2″Horn

2 Dowlen Sound made Bi Amped cabinets Dual 12” speakers/ 2” Horn

Drum Wedge=1 Dual 15″ sub and 12″ speaker/2″Horn for top

DBX 2231 EQ’s for all mixes

Ashly FET-1500m Series, Mixes 1 &2 Hi’s

Ashly FET-1500m Series, Mixes 3 &4 Hi’s

Ashly MFA-8000 Series, Mixes 1&2 Mids

Ashly MFA-8000 Series, Mixes 3&4 Mids

QSC MX 1500, Drum Wedge Sub

QSC MX 2000, Drum Wedge Highs

QSC MX 2000, Drum Wedge Mids

Ashly FTX-2001 Series, Mixes 6&7 Highs

Ashly FET-500 Series, Mix 8 & Center Fill Highs

Ashly MFA-8000 Series, Mixes 6&7 Mids

Ashly MFA-8000 Series, Mix 8 & Center Fill Mids


1 Shure Beta 52 Kick Drum Mic

1 Sennheiser  602 Kick Drum/ Bass Mic

4 Audix D2 Tom Mics

1 Sennheiser e604 Tom Mic

1 Shure SM 81 Condenser

1 Shure PG 81 Condenser

2 AKG 220 LD Condensers

5 Shure SM 57’s

8 Shure SM 58’s

2 EV 257A Cardioid Mics

Direct Boxes:

1 Behringer Active Ultra-DI Box

1 Countryman active DI

1 DB-4 quad direct box= 4 passive DI’s

6 Live Wire passive DI’s


Chauvet Colordash Quad par lights. 4 upstage, 2 high side

4 Chauvet Hex – 6-color par lights downstage

Irradiant IR-CL-DMX-STAGE-16, 16CH Dimmer Console

4 TrackSpot(Lightwave Research) Intelligent Lights located in each corner of stage

Lightwave Research Universal controller console

Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2 Professional 2-CH DMX Hazer

1 Disco Ball, center dance floor.

6 – Chauvet Colordash Quad 7’s, 4 upstage and 2 on either high side
4 – Chauvet Hex 7 downstage


4 dedicated 20 amp circuits onstage for additional lighting

2 dedicated 20 amp circuits onstage for audio power, IEM racks, etc.

Backline power in each corner of the stage, upstage center, and downstage center.