Archnemesis with ILLUMNTR [Exmag/Lowtemp] and Stone Soul

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Archnemesis with ILLUMNTR [Exmag/Lowtemp] and Stone Soul

Thu, March 12, 2015

8:00 pm

Hodi's Half Note

Fort Collins, CO

$6 Presale, $8 Day Of Show (+$5 if under 21)

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Since its inception in 2009, the Archnemesis sound has been in a constant state of evolution. With musical beginnings firmly established through a strict regimen of classical training on the cello and piano, eventually jazz theory and composition crept in, and more instruments like bass, drums and guitar were discovered and learned. The culmination of this vast musical knowledge ultimately shaped the Archnemesis sound before propelling it through a variety of analog stratospheres and into the digital realm of electronic music production. With a sound based primarily in, but not limited to, "electro hip-hop soul", Archnemesis continues to evolve musically and socially by encompassing all styles and genres of music while simultaneously welcoming in all the fans that follow those genres.

Through extensive national touring, Archnemesis has created a steadily growing fan base aptly dubbed the "Nemesis Army", and strives to create an un-biased community both online and at live shows where anyone can express themselves without discrimination. Also, by using music as a platform for outreach, Archnemesis is constantly generating new and innovative ideas to foster a community and encourage change.

When not touring, Archnemesis has managed to compile an extensive catalogue of EP's, LP's remixes and collaborations. Beginning with the 2010 release of the EP Diamonds and Glass, the full-length albums People's Radio and Every Man For Himself were both well received by fans and critics alike. The remixes of Kendrick Lamar's "Backseat Freestyle" and The xx's "Do You Mind" both charted on The Hype Machine and saw extensive play from DJ's across the country. A fourth EP, Follow Me, was released in July of 2013, and it took an even bigger step towards truly defining the Archnemesis sound.

With an unequaled afro and amazing light show, every Archnemesis encounter is a full sensory experience, one that is highly charged and delicious. This energetic live approach has been brought to such acclaimed festivals as The Hangout Music Festival, Lights All Night, Camp Bisco, Electric Forest and SnowGlobe, as well as theatres and clubs across the country. With momentum building and no signs of slowing down, Archnemesis continues to create an amazing live experience at clubs and festivals while steadily growing the ever-faithful "Nemesis Army" and working towards positive change.
"the ILLUMNTR duo of Bryn Austin Bellomy (lead singer of EXMAG) and guitarist John Russell stonily muses on the wreckage of a Prince-led studio session with Animal Collective and Brian Wilson." - The Untz

"Just weird enough to perk yr ears, but full of the kind of honey-sweet vocals you'd love to drizzle all over your lover's naked body before delicately licking it off inch by luscious inch." - yvynyl

"[...] Sufjan's orchestration, Arcade Fire's energy, Broken Social Scene's stage presence and cooperation, My Morning Jacket's pipes [...] Long story short? MUST. SEE. THIS. BAND. LIVE." - I Guess I'm Floating

"The ancient Greeks thought that at night you could hear the music of the universe while staring at the stars. Nobody ever heard that music, but if it existed it would sound very much like this record. Cosmic." - The Deli Magazine, NYC

(different folks hear different things)

The Deli Magazine's Album of the Month, August 2011
Stone Soul
Since its creation, Stone Soul has been breaking ground in the electro-funk and soul-hop scene to cultivate a new listening experience in the electronic community. Combining elements of Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Electronica with modern experimentation, Stone Soul develops a timeless sound that incorporates 21st century techniques into an overall raw old-school sound. This unique sound and style gives its audience a mid to late 20th century feel with the flare and bass every funk fan seeks from their experience. Since the projects inception, Jordan Stone has dedicated countless hours to the craft, materializing original tracks that provide the perfect balance between sensation and passion. Stone Soul fixes funky rhythms with lively dynamism that screams good vibes for all who listen.
Stone's upbringing in Funk, Jazz and Rock lead to his eventual fascination with digital production and has fashioned his skills as a producer. He has played countless venues around the United States supporting the likes of genre staples Michal Menert, Late Night Radio, Krooked Drivers, Cosby Sweater, Proper Motion, Vibe Street and many more. His performances have gained roaring reviews and have earned him a reputation for leaving fans dancing out the door.

In December of 2013, Stone Soul unvailed the projects first EP release, "Pieces of the Puzzle" under the name Lharz Benz. The EP takes the listener on a rollercoaster of sounds from Funk and Soul to 40's and 50's Blues, the EP touches many parts of the musical spectrum. Stone Soul recently released a single, "Funk In The Key of Love" along with a new EP entitled "Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy The Flow" and a full-length album "Hiding In Plain Sight" which was released on August 3, 2014. Tracks like "Mile High Shakedown" and "A Chock Full Of Smiles" have become instant fan favorites. Even with all of his 2014 releases, he still dropped his biggest release to date entitled "The Funktastic Voyage" on November 28th. With handfuls of new music and the support of his fellow producers, be sure to look out for Stone Soul as he hits the road this winter and funks up a city near you.
Venue Information:
Hodi's Half Note
167 N College Ave
Fort Collins, CO, 80524