Delve Deep Corp Presents: FI'YAH feat. 6Blocc w/MC  Jamalski and Special Guests

Delve Deep Corp Presents: FI'YAH feat. 6Blocc w/MC Jamalski and Special Guests

Fri, November 23, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Hodi's Half Note

Fort Collins, CO

$10 Tier 1 / $15 Tier 2 / $20 Tier 3

Off Sale

This event is all ages

Tickets also available at Rock 'n' Robin's (804 S College Ave)

6Blocc AKA R.A.W
6Blocc AKA R.A.W
6Blocc got his start way back in the late 80’s mixing hip hop
and electro in his home town of Los Angeles and playing on the legendary
KDAY radio station. During this time, he was constantly in dj battles all over
Los Angeles and working as a stage dj for rappers like the legendary
Kurtis Blow and Mix Master Spade. This time in the early hip hop scene gave him the skills he's now known for throughout the world.

By 1992, he began to buy electronic import records (techno / jungle) and play under the name R.A.W. (rules all warehouses) and every weekend he was booked dropping jungle and hardcore which took L.A. by storm. He then went on to share the stage with every big name from different fields of electronic music, even opening for David Byrne and band Soul Coughing at
The Mayan in Los Angeles. From 1997 to 2005 R.A.W. managed to drop over 100 vinyl releases on labels such as Warner Bros., N20, Mictlan, Sound Sphere, Thermal, Amen Factory and Dj Sappo's Babylon label. Reppin' the harder side of jungle music he went on to do 4 tours of Europe, 3 tours in Canada, 6 tours in Mexico and even a tour in Japan!

In 2006, R.A.W. morphed into 6Blocc and the music went from 175 to 140 beats per minute but the bass stayed thick and heavy. Since then, 6Blocc has dropped over 14 vinyl releases and dozens of digital bangers on labels like RCA, Ultra, Lo Dubs, Phantom Hertz, Moonshine, Terminal Dusk, Sub Depth and his own remix label called 6Dub. Since then he has gained thousands of fans around the world and has touched down in Japan, Australia, Canada, Russia, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania, Austria, Israel, Mexico, Venezuela and every major city in the USA.

6Blocc is also busy around the clock knocking out sample packs for which have received acclaim from Keith Shocklee,
Tom Middleton and used by Teddy Riley! His latest pack, Trap vs Juke is
Still in the top 5 in sales and his next release Robotix (vocoder fx and tools)
Is sure to be a hot release.

When 6Blocc isn't wrecking the turntables on stage he's in the studio cranking out the baddest dubstep productions and remixes for artists like DJ Muggs, Bassnectar, Diplo, Matty G, Bizzy B, Vibration Lab, Titan Sound, The Bassist, Dub FX, Don Goliath, Roommate and reggae artists Ranking Joe, Alika, Asher D, Daddy Freddy, Steppa Style, Gappy Ranks, Lutan Fyah, Chuck Fender, Jigsy King, I Razor, Jr Cat and Lexxus.
MC Jamalski
MC Jamalski
Jamalski has performed all over the world, and still to this day travels throughout the globe, MCing across the US, Europe, and Japan. Jamalski appears on two tracks on the PSM compilation "Time's Up" and on the B-side of the first single from that release "True Freedom Fighters" with Rocker-T. He is also featured on "Mi Selecta" with the track, "Rinse Out." Over the past year, Jamalski has been terrorizing the international rave circuit. The lyrical, mystical, magical, metaphysical, roughneck Jamalski is a guaranteed master of vibing up the crowd!!!!! "In the last years i was living in da states (bay area west coast) rolling around playing in raves, d&b partys and hip hop massives and since 2000 i have been living in paris,france and playing all over swiss,belguim,germany spain and da uk.As a d&b/jungle/hipstep mc the last 2 years have been rough rinsin out day and night d&b ragga hip hop first things first my son marlo ski baby junglist socialist baby rebel i love him more than any fame, music ,money or flesh,..."
Some important dates : 1990: KRS One give the mic to Jamalski on Seven Dee-jay with Boogie Down Production (Edutainment album). On the same year, he performs for the first time in France with notably Cut Killer and Kheops spinning. 1993: First album Roughnecks Reality (Sony) is released 1994: Jamalski launches Concrete Jungle, the first jungle residence in New York City at The Village. alongside Shy FX, UK Apa 1996: Jamalski joins the club and rave scene of San Francisco which is at that time the principal home for Jungle in the US. 2001 jamalski gets residency at the rex club(paris) and the world renound "black label" d&b parties (10 years runnin) and starts to play out along side the best!!! just to name a few of the djays he has mceed for dj hype,andy c,ed rush,future prophecies,dj zinc ,adam f, chase and status,keaton,universal prject,dj hazard,... 2005: Release of Ruffnecks Revenge, first 100% drum and bass/jungle/ragga
Dj Fury
Venue Information:
Hodi's Half Note
167 N College Ave
Fort Collins, CO, 80524