Tribal Theory w/ Project 432 and MountainUs

Tribal Theory w/ Project 432 and MountainUs

Sun, June 3, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Hodi's Half Note

Fort Collins, CO

$15 Advance / $20 Day of Show

This event is all ages

Tribal Theory
Tribal Theory
Tribal Theory of San Diego, California has been established as the original
Urban Reggae band. Formed in 2005, Tribal Theory’s signature is the fusion
of their Pacific Island roots with the feel good vibes of Reggae, grittiness of
Rock, and the soulful harmonies of R&B. This hybrid sound has the depth
and versatility to span across many different genres. Including Reggae, Island
Reggae, R&B, Alternative, Pop, and World music.
Tribal Theory bringing’s their “West Coast cool” vibe all around the world.
Headlining concerts all across mainland North America, the Hawaiian islands,
Micronesian islands, and Eastern Asia. Over the years, the band has gained
the respect of numerous music legends. Performing alongside artists such
as Steel Pulse, Ky-Mani Marley, The Wailing Souls, Fiji, SOJA, Collie Buddz,
Katchafire, Common Kings, The Expendables, and J Boog; to name a few.
Playing popular festivals such as Cali Roots, Hafa Fest, Pala Vibes, Reggae in
The Hills, Shoreline Jams, and Mayjah Rayjah.
Recently, Tribal Theory released a steamy single Part Time Lovers in 2017.
A new EP titled Reclamation in 2016, which, includes hit songs “Burnin” and
“My Roots”. They have laid the foundation of their discography with releases
that includes Love You Down (single), released 2015. Full-length albums
Cali Love and Hell of A Night, both released in 2013. With popular songs,
“Stuck in the Middle”, “Simple City”, “Mr.2Nite”, and “Cali Love”. Their very first
EP was released in 2011 and self-titled.
The band has received several accolades over the years; most notable are
2011 champions of VANS Warped Tour Battle of The Bands and winners of
Orange County Mai Tai Rumble 2013. As well as, receiving “Best World Music
Album of Year 2013” at San Diego Music Awards (SDMA) and returning in
2014 to headline the SDMA.
Tribal Theory, it’s not just music, it’s a lifestyle.
Project 432
Project 432
Project 432...what does that even mean??? When you first hear the name, for a second it invokes images of Area 51 in the mind, or possibly some secret government experiments the C.I.A. is conducting on some poor souls turned lab rats.
Luckily for all of US, Project 432 has a much more benevolent mission that they intend to take worldwide. This Denver based band is creating a buzz and hitting the ground running already booking shows from Austin to L.A., bringing a brand new sound carrying an explosively dynamic range of grooves & vibrations.
Mixing a variation of styles, they draw you in with their steady soothing heartbeat created by their hip hop/funk sound and the rock drive behind their drummer/bass combination. They ground you with some fresh fatty dub as well as some funky grooves that'll get your entire body moving. The guitar and vocals will take you over with resounding elements in blues, hip hop, rock and soul music, screaming in moments, crying in others, and somehow carrying that happy, slinky, snapback skanky reggae flavor we love so much. With the keys bringing out beautiful bright tones, and in moments the spacy sounds that take us to celestial places as well as more subtle sub base and dub vibrations, the beauty of this cosmic creation is something unlike anything being done, and the fascinating part is the meaning of the very name.
Why 432??? Well, long story short, everything vibrates at a certain frequency range and 432hz is the perfect and actual range at which water, life, the earth as well as all elements are whole and centered and it is how we are all connected and aligned properly. Originally music was played and listened to at 432hz, and along the line it was changed to 440hz and caused our minds to come out of alignment, our vibrational frequency, our way of thinking, our pace and our natural rhythm in life altogether.
Project 432 tunes to 432hz as well as writes a message that tells a story of the hearts of the band members as well as the many stories that we all live out in this epic journey we walk out called life. They intend to impact the hearts of the masses literally healing people's minds and spirit by causing them to contemplate, consider, reconsider, and simply rock out and love the moment they are experiencing as they listen to the healing, grooving, and enchanting sounds that realign them with life.
MountainUs is a 5 member band that fuses roots Reggae with modern Jazz and Rock formed in Fort Collins, Colorado. We create melodic music with lyrics that brings a message of peace, love and unity. Find us on instagram at MountainUs! Twitch too.
Venue Information:
Hodi's Half Note
167 N College Ave
Fort Collins, CO, 80524