Mushroomhead w/ 13 Nails and Special Guests

Mushroomhead w/ 13 Nails and Special Guests

Tue, May 22, 2018

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

Hodi's Half Note

Fort Collins, CO

$20 advance - $22 Day of show

This event is all ages

13Nails was born in 2012 when Johnny Lambert got together with Grey Jones and Josh Messner, two musicians he had previously worked with in other bands. Wanting to create something new and interesting to watch and hear, Johnny started using his love of horror movies to create stories for the music Josh and Grey would write. Adding in the drums of Kyle Nelson the band finished a song called "From Hell" a Jack the Ripper inspired song. When that song came together they knew they had something epic for the people. Other songs shortly followed behind of similar concepts. When 13Nails decided to take the stage they wanted to bring the audience a show that people would remember. Adding in elements of classic horror vibe and look, the band developed its stage persona. In later 2013 Kyle wanted to leave the band to pursue other interests and 13Nails enlisted the talented drumming of Joe Dunn. With its complete lineup, strong stage presence and haunting songs 13Nails is quickly becoming the band to go see. Horror has got its new sound and it's 13Nails!

"13Nails is one of those bands who cannot be described in one word or one genre. On the surface is a perfectly executed hardcore punk style, but when you peel back the layers of their music, you can find something much darker and more sinister lurking. Whether it be their brooding guitar chord progressions, their coffin rattling bass lines or the haunting imagery of their lyrics, you are sure to have your horror fetish satisfied!"
-Alexei Hammerle – Swinging Noose Productions

"13Nails are insane and know how to interact with their crowd and are for sure the band people go home remembering"
-Joe Dowling- Even Death May Die

"13Nails is one of my favorite bands to see live! They bring so much originality and passion to the stage, they just make you want to party"
-Meredith Siss- Fan

"Nobody makes the dead girls party harder"
"A proper introduction to the four people you'll likely meet in Hell"
-Nick Hays- Tenative
Venue Information:
Hodi's Half Note
167 N College Ave
Fort Collins, CO, 80524