Wax w/ Ubi of Ces Cru, Lance Skiiiwalker, and Bad Neighbors


Ubi, Lance Skiiiwalker, Bad Neighbors, Alie Nation

All Ages
Wax w/ Ubi of Ces Cru, Lance Skiiiwalker, Bad Neighbors and AlieNation (Bloom & X the Chef) at Hodi's Half Note

Wax w/ Ubi of Ces Cru, Lance Skiiiwalker, Bad Neighbors and at Hodi's Half Note

“It’s a lot of shit I done been through/But all that I can do is continue.” – Wax, “Continue”

Continue… is more than just a name for the new album from L.A.-based emcee Wax. It’s a declaration -- one that lets everybody know that after a few detours he is excited to move forward to the next phase of his career.

About those detours… After five years fronting and playing guitar for touring act MacGregor from 2000 to 2005, Wax and his twin brother, Herbal T, started posting videos to You Tube. Utilizing Wax’s humor, penchant for infectious hooks and skill at writing, rapping, producing and arranging, the videos made him a rising star on the site. The 30 million plus views on You Tube earned him the dream of every aspiring rapper, a contract with Def Jam in 2011.

It was the culmination of a decade’s worth of work, a decade that had earned him a solid reputation and a devoted fan base. “I feel like I’ve developed a friendship with my fans,” he says of his loyal followers who tune in regularly to hear his weekly podcast, where he opens up about himself about all subjects.“I think people appreciate I let them in,” he says of why his admirers are so devoted.

It was a seemingly perfect scenario for both Wax and the label, he got to work with industry greats and be home to hip-hop royalty. They brought in an artist that had a built-in following of millions. Unfortunately the relationship didn’t work out.“Generally as a person I used to be really happy, especially once I didn’t have to work a regular job and I could just do music and be creative,” he says. “Then you just get locked into this box, I started to get depressed and I didn’t really know why and then I started to realize what makes me happy is making the music. Not because it makes money and not because it makes me some kind of superstar, I just like doing it.”

Dropped by Def Jam, it turned out to be the best thing for the artist, who got to continue using the relationships he established there while making the album he wanted to make. With a mix of long-time friends like EOM and people he met through Def Jam like Supa Dups (Eminem), Wax has crafted an eclectic, impressive collection that displays his full range.

Ubi of Ces Cru - For six years, Ubi has been providing fans with complex, passionate bars as one half of the dynamic duo, Ces Cru. Now, with Under Bad Influence, the first solo project of his Strange tenure, Ubi ushers in a new era. Though he is venturing out on his own, the style and approach that has made him a pillar of Strange Music is unchanging. Loaded with dense bars, thoughtful, barbed social commentary delivered with fever and authenticity, Ubi takes his rock solid foundation and builds on it with a vision that is solely, and powerfully his own. https://www.facebook.com/ubiquitouscescru/

Lance Skiiiwalker -

Bad Neighbors - Formed in 2019 under Longevity Productions, Bad Neighbors is the fusion of Genetic Concepts (Nick Sanville & Eye-Cue) with other Fort Collins heavy hitters Phonosapien and R.K. Graves. Together they provide a high energy, highly entertaining live show, and an innovative combination of styles to recorded music. They have been hosting a monthly CO-OP Hip Hop series at Hodi's Half Note, giving open mic opportunities to local artists and flourishing a space for creative Hip Hop fans to come together.


AlieNation- A collaboration between Bloom and X the Chef. Check out their newest track : https://soundcloud.com/user-952492562/mothership



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All Ages

Doors 8pm

Venue Information:
Hodi's Half Note
167 N College Ave
Fort Collins, CO, 80524