RE:Turn feat Ultrasloth (kLL sMTH x Duffrey x bioLuMigen) w/ Special Guests
Euphonic Conceptions, Longevity, Mindbeam, and Party Guru Productions





Crimbrule, $waz

All Ages
Ultrasloth (kLL sMth/ Duffrey/ bioLuMigen) with Crimbrule & $waz at Hodi's Half Note Wed Feb 26th

Deep in the outer reaches of the unknown multiverse lies a barren planet, locked in a post-apocalyptic mecha-dystopia: Slothopolis. Traces of life as we know it have long since disappeared. From underneath the rubble and debris of a fallen stato-scraper, movement is detected by a rogue sonolazer falling from it's final orbit. This disturbance slowly but surely rises to the surface creating monstrous earthquakes with every agitation. Using every bit of stored energy, this cyberbeast rises from the dust. One lone megatherium, on a search for the last of the remaining ultrasloths.

Crimbrule /



Wednesday, Feb 26th

Doors 8pm//Show 830pm

$5 adv or before 9pm / $10 after 9pm / $15 after 10pm

Venue Information:
Hodi's Half Note
167 N College Ave
Fort Collins, CO, 80524