Plasma Canvas w/ Copper Teeth, Cheap Perfume, The Ghoulies The Sickly Hecks

Plasma Canvas

Copper Teeth, Cheap Perfume, The Ghoulies, The Sickly Hecks

All Ages
MOVED TO HODI'S HALF NOTE Plasma Canvas w/ Copper Teeth, Cheap Perfume, The Ghoulies, The Sickly Hecks

Friday, November 29th

Show at 8pm (Doors at 7pm)

Plasma Canvas w/ Copper Teeth, Cheap Perfume, The Ghoulies, The Sickly Hecks

My name is Adrienne Rae Ash. I started Plasma Canvas as a way to vent about my life. A lot of the songs existed before the band did. I grew up in a rural town in the midwest and moved to Colorado in late 2015 to escape anti-trans violence, as well as pursue a career in music. When I got here, I immediately started trying to form a band. I posted on Craigslist a few times trying to find a drummer and bassist, but no one wanted to work with me because I’m a transgender woman (seriously, it was super bogus). Eventually I found a level-headed weirdo named Dave Sites and we clicked. Due to the amount of difficulty I had just in the way of finding an open-minded drummer, I decided that the less egos and personalities I had to filter my ideas through, the better - so we were officially a two-piece from then on. After three rehearsals, I informed Dave that I’d scheduled our album release show. We spent the summer of 2016 writing and recording our debut self-titled album, which we released independently in October 2016. In April 2017, I got bored and recorded/released an acoustic EP entitled “Pretty Things” that I recorded in my bedroom. In June 2017, Dave had to step away from the band and take care of some things. It was a real big bummer, but fortunately Jude McCarron stepped up to the plate (and knocked it out of the park). Jude and I hit the ground running together and haven’t looked back. We’ve played with some incredible bands, including Iron Chic, Descendents, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, PEARS, The Ataris, and PAWS, as well as playing the Vans Warped Tour in both Denver and St. Louis for its final nationwide tour in 2018. We try to make the most out of every opportunity that comes our way. Our music is and always has been largely about trying to feel alive in the moment because we may not get another chance to do so. As a queer transgender person, it often feels like the world is out to get me. Some want to legislate me out of existence. Some want to flat-out kill me. Plasma Canvas has always been my way to scream in their faces. Our music is about fighting back, whether that be with force, with volume, or with just existing as an act of rebellion.

Venue Information:
Hodi's Half Note
167 N College Ave
Fort Collins, CO, 80524