Cosmic Hot Sauce Album Release Show w/ Oliverrr, Night Champ, + more!

Cosmic Hot Sauce

Oliverrr, Night Champ, Smelling Melons

$10.00 - $12.00
All Ages
Cosmic Hot Sauce Album Release Show w/ Oliverrr, Night, Champ & Smelling Melons in Ft. Collins, May 1st at 8pm at Hodi's Half Note

All Ages

7pm Doors//8pm Show

$10 ADV//$12 DOS

Best characterized as Indie Funk, Cosmic Hot Sauce formed in July of 2018 in Fort Collins, Colorado with an eclectic sound that is unified through the members’ common love of groove. Ana fronts the group as the eccentric astronaut personality of a vocalist, telling far-out stories through lyrics. Goose pumps color into rhythm, and rhythm into groove through the bass. On guitar, Nico shapes strings into spicy flavors, and on drums Theo fuses these elements together and boosts them with hot funk. Cosmic Hot Sauce is vibrant and peculiar, drawing influence from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Porno for Pyros, Jane’s Addiction, The Smiths, Tame Impala, and Tyler, the Creator. Each performance tells a story, usually including a one-time jammed intro/outro written for each individual show with its own theme, setting the tones of the show. Ultimately, Cosmic Hot Sauce is here to make you appreciate groove, and dance until you’re drenched in sweat.

Cosmic Hot Sauce’s debut album, “Lost in the Sauce” is a phantasmagoric audio portrayal of what it’s like to get sucked into space against your free will. At times it’s tense, it feels like hell, it’s somewhat of a Halloween in space, and you soon realize even though you can’t breathe in space, you can still groove. The sauce of the album is earthy, every song alluding to elements in nature. “Flames, fire, arson, heat” “river,” and “clouds, stars, night, sun, galaxies” are just some examples of what these songs entail. Each song is a different part of the estranged narrator taken on an epic, unexpected trek from the park with friends, through the stars and cosmos, jungles, and creepy unmarked roads. “Sauce” is an entity on its own, and it’s up to you to make your own meaning of it. While listening to “Lost in the Sauce,” you’ float, drown, and dance in the sauce. You’ll realize space is not what you thought it was, it can be a self-awakening journey, realization of love, a groovy time with amigos, and also a fiery road to the abyss.

Venue Information:
Hodi's Half Note
167 N College Ave
Fort Collins, CO, 80524